The Milk Stays Fresh!


We're celebrating #MILKBAG May, and for that reason, we're giving away 2,500,000 #MILKBAG tokens🥛








HOLDERS: 2000+

🔥 First ever token to start the "Daily Burning" trend till 100M Market Cap 🔥

No Taxes, No Presale Bullshit!


1. Download and Install Phantom Wallet: Go to phantom.app. Click download, and add the extension to your browser.

2. Create a New Wallet: Follow the prompts to create a new wallet. Choose a strong password for security.

3. Save Your Recovery Phrase: Write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store it securely. Never share this phrase with anyone.

4. Find Your Solana Address: Open your phantom wallet, click the ‘Receive’ button, select the ‘Solana’ token, and copy your wallet address..

5. Transfer Solana: Go to your preferred crypto exchange, Buy some Solana if you haven’t already, click transfer / send / withdraw, paste your previously copied wallet address, and send some Solana to your Phantom Wallet.

6. Visit Jupiter Exchange: Click ‘BUY NOW’ above on this website, this will transfer you to Jupiter Exchange where you can buy #MILKBAG!

7. Select Milkbag: If you don’t see MILKBAG in the swap window already, you can search for it manually or copy and paste the contract address above

8. Connect Your Wallet: Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in the swap window, or on the top right of the page. A window will pop up, where you can select ‘Phantom’.

9. Pick How Much to Buy: Once your wallet is connected, enter how much Solana you would like to swap to MILKBAG, then click ‘Swap’.

10. Confirm and Complete: A window will pop up where you need to confirm the transaction details. Click ‘Confirm’ and wait for the transaction to process.

11. Once the transaction is confirmed, your MILKBAG tokens should be in your wallet.


He is a Visionary marketer and strategist taking the WEB3 world by storm! With more than five electrifying years under his belt, he has been the powerhouse, consulting various projects & catapulting them to staggering market caps of over $100 million. The sky's not the limit—it's just the beginning!


He has a long history of fostering partnerships within the Web3 space. This experience includes developing relationships with market makers, exchanges, decentralized exchanges, yield farming, and more.


Is a distinguished graphic designer with a wealth of experience spanning over three years in the dynamic field of Web3. With a rich portfolio from collaborating with numerous projects, he brings a depth of insight and versatility to the table.


Is a management expert with significant experience in Web3, excelling in leadership and blockchain innovation. His work in tech and cryptocurrency showcases a blend of strategic insight and a robust network in the DeFi space.



He is an analytical expert and visionary with extensive knowledge of all things Web3, having been involved since the early stages. His expertise is further enhanced by his proactive approach to staying abreast of the most fundamental shifts in DeFi before they become mainstream.


He is a research analyst and investor with a four-year history of excelling in both the stock market and Web3 sectors. His insights aim to support new initiatives by extracting data that provides a unique perspective and competitive edge.


Is a specialist in ads campaign optimization, focused on enhancing ad strategies and boosting the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across various platforms.


Is a distinguished strategist and technologist with a profound knack for managing technology and innovation in the tech industry, with expertise extending beyond strategy into creating compelling graphic artwork, seamlessly blending creativity with technical prowess.


Do we stop everything after 100 million Market cap?

Absolutely not. Once we are close to this achievement we will announce the secret phase push.

Plans on Doxxing?

We currently have no plans for doxxing.

From the beginning, our goal has been to create a safe and transparent environment. The project is secure; the smart contract is renounced, the liquidity has been burned, there was no presale, and the project has been active for weeks, with everyone having the opportunity to buy in at fair prices. Despite the understandable reasons that might support doxxing, based on our long-standing experience in the crypto space and the global connections we have established, we have decided not to link our personal identities to the meme coin.

The decision against doxxing is based on several considerations. Protecting our privacy is paramount; disclosing our identities could lead to significant loss thereof, not just for ourselves but also for our families and friends. Moreover, the announcement of identity and the ensuing public exposure carry substantial security risks, including potential physical threats, cyber attacks, or extortion attempts. Likewise, we would face direct criticism and high pressure, which can be stressful and have personal consequences. Lastly, the irreversibly of disclosure is a significant factor; once done, the associated risks cannot be undone.

Our primary goal remains to create and maintain a safe and thriving environment for our community. We hope you can understand our reasons.

Do you have a Roadmap?

Our first objective is to expand our community and all associated social media platforms. Once we establish a prominent presence in the cryptocurrency space, it will be logical to aim for a listing on CoinGecko. Achieving these milestones positions us for further growth, including additional listings and the launch of major social media campaigns. These efforts will be supported by Key Opinion Leaders, multiple viral campaigns, and real-world events. Concurrently, we are prepared to forge partnerships with multiple well-known companies in the cryptocurrency sector, which will catapult our project to new heights and significantly enhance our visibility.

At this stage, the robustness of our community will facilitate a listing on CoinMarketCap. We will introduce bigger and more innovative marketing campaigns to drive our growth forward. Throughout this journey, we will encounter various opportunities to leverage, although it is impossible to detail every step.

The essence of our strategy is to pace ourselves strategically and leverage the strength of our community to navigate our roadmap toward greater visibility and success.

Can you change anything on the Contract or just mint more tokens?

Contract is renounced & there is no option to mint more: